Overview of the instant article:

As there is a lot of reason for being a blogger, you should join the Facebook instant article feature specially launched for bloggers. As you can say, that thin instant article will benefit the Facebook community too. But also there are a lot of benefits for bloggers too.

Facebook users are above the 2 billion right now and increasing drastically faster than any other network. Facebook is the number one social network in the world right now. In my opinion, Facebook wants to overtake search engines and mainly competing with google.

Facebook algorithm is updating and improving fastly. In my opinion, Facebook is on its journey to becoming a search engine. Not only the search engine but yes the number one search engine in the world. That’s the reason to join Facebook instant article.

The Facebook article future is pointing out that Facebook didn’t like to send their user out of their platform. There are several reasons why I’m saying that.

  • Facebook less promote outbound links.
  • Don’t allow a user to do much spamming on Facebook.
  • If any user continues spamming externals links on Facebook, it will ban them from commenting, messaging, or even in some cases, ban users permanently.

10 reasons Why bloggers should start with a Facebook instant article?

There are reasons to join Facebook instant article to start with a prevalent feature of the instant article. I have enlisted a few of them below.

How to use Facebook instant articles?

01.  Faster loading than a website

Instant article of facebook is much faster than an average website. Precisely it is 10x then a normal mobile website. Also that more fast loading increases the more clicks and engagement on any article.

Maybe there is a question in your mind? Why so an emphasis on fast loading? Research says that a user on the internet has an average attention span because an online user is an average of 8 seconds.

So the quicker loading keeps the user engaging and decreases the bounce rate up to 70% than a regular article. Faster loading is the reason to join Facebook instant article.

02. Very easy monetization:

Making money from Facebook is very easy by using the article feature of Facebook. There are two ways by which you can earn money from the instant article. The first one is by selling your ads. In this, you will keep all 100% revenue from ads.

The second way, by using the Facebook audience network. In this way, Facebook will keep 30% of adds revenue. But the best thing about Facebook’s audience network is that it doesn’t allow adds breaker in an instant article.

For a better experience, you can use Facebook AI for adds placement. Easy monetization is the second reason to join Facebook instant article.

03. 100% control over what you publish

Joining the articles feature of Facebook doesn’t mean you have to post everything. You are all in control of what to share on Facebook or not. You can also save a draft or can republish that instant article at any time. You are absolutely in full control of what you want to share on the instant article.

You can go to the instant article tab on your page, go to the library, in the publishing tool right at the top of the Facebook page. Here in the drop-down menu, you can do what you want to do in an instant article according to your strategy.

04. Enabling customization and scalability:

Facebook gives you different functionalities to design and style the instant article when setup. It also enables that to control the fonts of heading subheadings and body of article too. Facebook allows different families of fonts to add to your instant article.

Facebook also style and scale the typography for a different interface. So you don’t have to worry about that.

05. Instant Article publish-WordPress Plugin:

As 30% of the total website are powered by WordPress worldwide. So there are some plugins to enable the future of instant articles on your blog. Facebook also launches the official Facebook instant article plugin. This plugin shares your article instantly on Facebook just by a single click.

Also, you can do customization of the plugin and different settings from the backend. Facebook is also leveraging other platforms to overcome the flawless integration to the Facebook instant article. It is the reason to join Facebook instant article.

06. Call to action:

The best part of the Facebook instant article is that it launches the email signup form. The Facebook instant article include the call to action button inside the instant article.

With this feature, you can add an email signup form and start collecting emails from your visitors. This call to action is the reason to join Facebook’s instant article about building an email list.

A call to action is very important for any business. Facebook is providing that opportunity so it is the reason to join Facebook instant article.

07. Easy way to engage users:

In Facebook instant articles, publishers can easily add Facebook like and comment buttons to the pictures related to that instant article on Facebook. This experience will increase the engagement and more share on Facebook.

08. Immense interactive features:

As google enables the AMP feature to make a faster load website on mobile. To create a good user experience on an instant article.

This Facebook feature creates more engagement among users and decreases the bounce rate by 60% or more. It also increases 20% more clicks on the article. These features are the reason to join Facebook instant article now.

09. Regular analysis:

Facebook enables a promising feature that its contract with many analytics platforms. So you can easily monitor and analyze the instant article. Platforms like a simple search, google analytics, and Comscore.

You can easily enable anyone on this platform and keep an eye on your instant article’s performance.

The data offered by these tools are clicks, time stamps, and scroll depth. This is also a good reason to join Facebook instant article to make your content regular and more engaging.

10. Formating:

The format of the instant article is beautiful. It looks like your blog of the mobile version. Also, those instant articles have much more features than even in WordPress.

These features are like comment share and taping to expand the picture. It also has a feature of voice caption of pictures. And also can share any image on Facebook.


Suppose you are a blogger and want to generate the extra money from that data like blog posts. There is an excellent platform to create additional income from the same content you are updating on your website.

Also, Facebook is paying much than AdSense. It is offering 1.5$ to 54 RPM on the Facebook instant article. All the above discussed are the reason to join Facebook instant article as a blogger to multiply your earnings.

Have you started with a Facebook instant article? Are you planning to start with it? How was your experience? Let me know in the comments.


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