We are using technology in more than anything way before. In today’s world, we are surrounded by technology now a day. We are using different technologies to connect with our friends, family, and colleagues worldwide. Also, by this change, specialists are looking for the best types of IT jobs to secure their future as IT specialists.

Using smartphones, tablets, and computers, we depend on. We need information technology professionals to handle this. According to US news best, IT jobs for the future will be the highest paying jobs. Also, I enlist types of top IT jobs you should pursue your career, below;


01.Software developer:

A software developer is one of the most demanding jobs right now on the internet. Software developers are the ones who are working behind one of your favorite applications or website. Therefore a software developer can demand a luxury amount from 80,000$ to 95,000$ a year. This job is one of the most paying jobs in thi era of the internet.

02. Database developer

A database developer is one who manages and stores the data of the company in a database. These individuals have to work behind computers, and other days, they need to talk to other individuals to keep things smooth in the company. So a database developer can make anywhere from $85,00 to $97,00 a year. A database developer is one of the most demanding and top paying jobs in this era of the internet.

03. Big data engineer

Big data engineers are the ones who transform the data into actionable information and making innovations. In addition to this, Big data engineer creates software and hardware for the company. These engineers salary ranges from $150,000 to $165,000. Also, these engineers have a degree in computer science.

04. Data analyst

A data analyst may not be high paying job right now, but its potential is increasing rapidly. Every company needs a data analyst specialist who can manage how information can transform into numbers. The company having data analyst is benefitting from the marketing strategies. The salary package of a data analyst is somewhere between $65,000 to $74,000. A bachelor’s degree is needed to start a career as a data analyst, but you can go for a master’s degree for the advanced level.

05. IT security manager

With the IT security manager job, your responsibility is to maintain your company’s terms and conditions regarding computer software usage. Also, it includes to monitor and analyze the current security position and its weakness to improve. IT security manager is the backbone of any company regarding the security of that company.

The IT security manager salary ranges somewhere from $110,000 to $130,000 yearly. Also, the IT security manager job mostly you can get if you have comprehensive experience in the related field with bachelor’s or master’s degrees in computer science.

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06. Data science

These individuals design the main parts of the application, including the infrastructure and user interface. In addition to application architects, these require to work in a good team. Good planning and communication skills require for this job. Applications architect receiving salaries from $145,000 to $150,000.This one of the high-paying and the best types of high-paying IT jobs in this era of the internet.

07. Data scientist

These IT individuals use their knowledge of statistics and modeling to compile complex data. Also, you need to have good communication skills with science expertise. Also, the knowledge of languages like python, PHP, and java is a plus for the data analyst. A data analyst is earning near about $129,000 to $135,000 per year from their professional job.

08. Web developers

web developers design and develop the front end and back end of the website. The person who chose this job chose whether to work as a front end or back end developer. The primary duties of the web developers are creating the code and attach it and make working. Add photos, videos, and other data to the website. Also, a web developer manages and makes sure that the website is up and running.

A web developer enjoys a salary range from $50,000 to $60,000 per year. It is also increasing with a growth rate of 18%. A web developer is also the best types of IT jobs for the future to pursue a career. The education required for the developer may vary, but mostly it needs a bachelor’s degree in computer science or higher.

09. Mobile application developers

Mobile application development is one of the best IT jobs for the future. For a moment, open your mobile phone or desktop and see how many applications you are using on your devices. So all these applications are an example of technology. Mobile application developers develop these applications.

From this activity, you can guess why this IT job is high paying and the best IT job for the future. Mobile application developers make $135,000 to $145,000 yearly.

10. Cloud architect

Cloud architect plan, upgrades, and design the cloud project. Also, the cloud architect as a team resolve the problems and provide the best recommendations for improvements. This job required expertise in cloud networks and technologies for several years to do better.

Also, good communication skill is necessary for this job. A cloud architect is also one of the best paying jobs for the future too. The salary estimation for this job is near about $150,000 per year.

11. Computer system analyst

These individuals study the computer system and develop and give solutions to improve organizational efficiency. So this position’s tasks are to consult with its manager, design, and implement the new computer system. A Bachelor’s degree is mandatory for any level of job in this field. MBA is a preferable degree for more employees to hire an expert.

12. Operational analyst

These IT professionals use advanced methods to improve the performance of the company by solving issues. This job task is to collect data from that company or organization and analyze and advise the related managers to solve the problem to increase its performance or organization.

A Bachelor’s degree is ideal for working as an operational analyst. It is also one of the best IT jobs for the future. IT experts are earning $55,000 per year as an operational analyst, with a growth rate of 27% and increasing rapidly.


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