Evolution Of Technology:

Technology is what isolates us from the Middle Ages, how we lived fifty thousand years before. If we looked back a few centuries ago, those ways of life are strange to us now.

At that time, sources were limited and not so well developed as in the 21st century. Innovations carry success to us to make human life more comfortable. On the other side, it also has some unpleasant effects.

Despite this, technology makes the world. It brings our method of being, our economy, and our money. The evolution of technology is our need now.


What is Technolgy?

The word technology derives from the two Greek words techne means craft or art, and logos means words or speech. In the 17th century, technology appeared as an applied art that gradually became the object of designations.

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In the 20th century, technology expanded its growing range besides tools and machines. In the mid-century, ideas became broader, defined as the tools or techniques that can change the environment.

Why do We Need Technology?

There are two bases of technology due to which we used techniques:

  1. Needs to be fulfilled
  2.  Societal and personal needs

01. Needs To Be Fulfilled:

Necessity is the mother of invention. It cites to account for the technological activities. Humans need shelter, so they made buildings. They needed water to satisfy their thirst, so they built dams, streams, and rivers, dug wells, and introduced hydraulic technology.

Humans invented different types of vehicles for travelling like ships, carriages, automobiles, and aeroplanes. These all are also the evolution of technology.

They required food to survive, so they grow vegetables, fruits, and crops. Like in the story of the crow, humans use technology to satisfy their needs.

02. Societal and personal needs:

With time complexity in technology increases that is beyond the strict parameters of need. Then there must be some factors other than necessity, on which complexity-based. In 1876, Nikalous A. Otto devised an internal combustion engine for automobiles.

Life was easy and happy for humans before this invention. They used horses or camels to travel from one place to another.

Then this invention was not a necessity, whereas it was a personal and societal demand for motor automobiles.

Different Kinds Of Evolution Of Technology

Here I discussed different types of the evolution of the technology of varying field as follow;

01. Evolution Of Motor Trucks

Motor trucks have taken on even more slowly after the invention of automobiles. After using military trucks in World War 1, the army and truck manufacturers invented motor trucks replaced the horse-drawn wagon with the railroad.

Like automobile innovations, its need also raises after its use. In other words, the creation of motor transportation arises from the invention of vehicles powered by internal combustion engines.

02. Evolution of The Wheel

The Wheel is popularly considered one of the most important inventions of man. It always relates to fire as the significant technical achievement of the Stone Age. The evolution of the Wheel is the Evolution Of Technology.

In cartoons and comic strips, stone wheels and fire appeared as a portrayal, as an indication of prehistoric cave dwellers. It has first appeared as a portrayal in the late nineteenth century.

But in history, fire and the wheel date to a different time. The wheel was more than 5,000 years older, while fire has been used for 1.5 million years.

Even at this level of the historical gap, these two things are paired together beyond all human accomplishments. Most people think that the invention of the wheel was a sign of civilisation.

These two things are so close that the progress of culture measures by their role in rotary motion for transportation.

Nature also performs its role in this invention. Other than some micro-organisms, no animal moves forward with the help of organic wheels that move freely on an axis. It is a makeable thing.

Before the invention of the wheel, heavy things moved with the help of sledges – wooden things. Cylindrical rollers place under the sledge to facilitate the movement of the sledge.

These rollers consider as an inspiration for the innovation of the wheel. This invention is the evolution of technology to travel or to move from one place to other.

03. Worst Humans Aare Even Better Than Best Animals

Unlike the crow of Aesop’s fables, actual birds or animals do not use techniques for their needs. They don’t dig wells or construct canals. Nature fulfils their needs of food, water, and shelter.

Of course, animals use stones, leaves, and sticks as crude oil for food and defensive purpose. It can compare with simple techniques of human culture. But animals cannot use fire.

They cannot continuously add new tools, improve the older or pass their knowledge to their offspring.  Karl Marx said that the worst human architect is better than the best animal because they can visualise things in imagination before making them.

04. Technology As The Creation Of Superfluous

Philosopher Jose Ortega y Gasset describes technology as the creation of redundant. The struggle for well-being involves the change in needs. At one time, there was the need for pyramids and temples.

On the other hand, the movement of the Earth’s surface journeys to the moon and other planets. This is an evolution of technology that enables man to travel from earth to the moon.

According to French philosopher Gaston Bachelard, the idea of redundant gives the spiritual stimulant compared to the concept of necessity because humans are creations of desires, not need.

S. C. Gilfillan, a sociologist, detailed the evolution of a ship from a floating log to a diesel-engine Motorship in 1930.

05. A Modern Theory of Evolution Of Technology

Technology is as old as humankind. It existed even before scientists when they use knowledge in shaping and controlling nature. New technologies are root in the old technologies.

This evolutionary process provides knowledge about the large-scale changes in human culture, science, and economy. We organise enzymes to snip tiny segments of DNA and placed them into a bacterial cell.

We joined metal alloys and fossil fuels to move with the speed of sound. It seems like, a few centuries ago human brain couldn’t even imagine such sources. This is all because of the evolution of technology.


From the beginning, humans have been technologists, as a toolmaker. As the concept of evolution in biology, technology also relates to it.

With time from simple techniques to advanced techniques of the modern age, technology evolved. The evolution of technology happened or occurred in all fields of life.

The history of technology encloses all the aspects of the evolution of humankind. All new technologies are at the root of older technologies.


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