Gold Miner is an absolute conventional in the gold mining game. In the sport that dates from the early 2000s, you acquire gold, stones, and minerals to attain your everyday purpose. With the cash you collect. You may buy upgrades, including explosives, which can help you mine extra correctly.


Types Of Gold Mining Game

01. Gold Mine Game

02. Gold Miner Classic

03. Gold Miner World Tour

04. Coin Tycoon

05. Temple Run

06. Dig Out

1. Gold mine (Board Game)


Gold Mine is a tile-laying board game for 2 to six players, a long time eight and up. It was designed by Chris James and published with the aid of Stratus Games.

Players excavate a maze of mine tunnels in the sport with tiles representing an underground mine’s functions. Players also manage miniature miners who traverse the mine, gathering gold.

Even miners can cross mystery passages, project other miners for gold, and direct bats in different miners’ directions to chase them away from their present-day function within the mine.

The Gold mining game s object is to be primary to gather a particular variety of gold nuggets and exit the mine.

2. Gold Miner Classic (Gold Rush) 

The second type of Gold mining game is Gold Miner Classic also known as Gold Crush.


it is an offline game, a straightforward but addictive phone game! Mine gold to be rich. Through adventures to lands full of treasures, dig as many gadgets as quickly as viable. Dig gold, diamonds, and keep away from rocks and pigs to gain factors quicker.

These retro video games will assist you in practicing reflexes in no time. Golden miner is appropriate for all ages. The entire circle of relatives to collect collectively or maybe without the internet but want to loosen up. Golden moner is one of the leading products of the Gold mining game.


  • Re-stay reminiscence games.
  •  Fantasy game tune.
  •  Social features like an invite to play via Facebook, percentage, send explosives, gold, and time.
  • Daily rewards.


3. Gold Miner World Tour 


Gold Miner World Tour has the gold miner traditional gameplay you recognize, love, and much more. Move your minecart to the proper function and release your Claw on the right second to dig out gold, gemstones, diamonds, and even mysterious treasure chests.

Open treasure chests to acquire dozens of playing cards featuring fantastic gold digger characters. Just like the Samurai Miner and the Bat Miner, discrete styles of mine tilbury, ropes, and even pets. Equip a complete set of epic or mythical cards to prompt outstanding capabilities like Death Ray and Kame Blast to clean out pesky boulders


  •  Play through extra than 200 hand-crafted ranges, unfold across 12 distinct regions, every with particular barriers and enemies
  •  Earn chests to release rewards, accumulate valid new cards, and upgrade existing ones
  •  Build and improve your card series with your preferred miners, mine carts, claws, ropes, and pets
  • Construct your closing deck to conquer Story Mode and PvP
  • Duel gamers from round the sector in real-time

4.   Coin Tycoon (Gold miner)


Play this and become a coin tycoon holding trillions of gold coins. The attacking play Coin Tycoon with Facebook friends and millions of others worldwide. Coin tycoon is the fourth type of Gold Mining Game.

Spin the slot machine, chase gold coins, and get opportunities for attack, theft, and random rewards Gold mining game. Spend cash to make yourself grow.


  • Collect cards to complete a set collection to get a lot of spinning 
  • Join the Facebook community, meet new friends, and earn millions of coin golds through slot machines and scratch cards.
  • The coin Tycoon game is free on all devices.
  •  Fight with your friends to become the next gold coin tycoon.

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5. Lost Temple


Because of the Three Kingdoms period, tomb raiding has become increasingly famous. So a prevention mechanism punishes tomb raiders. The tombs are regularly embedded with dangerous traps, zombies, ghosts, the brides, and tricky puzzles.

When candles are blowing out, anything may want to manifest. Worse, you’ll need to deal with the maximum threatening pressure of all – human nature. Lost Temple is the fifth type of Gold Mining game.

gold mine board game

Lost Temple is one of the leading mobile 3D MMORPGs on the market. Embody a pro raider through the exercise of geomancy, locate historic tombs, war with zombies in addition to traitors, and ultimately, not least, unearth hidden treasures. A brand-new adventure awaits in the Gold mining game!


  •  Three Classes At Your Disposal: Assassin, Warrior, and Gunslinger. Which magnificence do you want to play?
  • Treasure and Geomancy: Grab your Bagua Compass with Luoyang Shovel, and use your geomancy know-how to find the doorway of misplaced tombs.
  •  Unique Underground Adventure: Dealing with traps is simple, even as coping with zombies isn’t. Fight or flight choice is yours.
  • Strike It Rich On Black Market: Collect and exchange precious antiques on the black marketplace to become rich in a single day.
  • 5V5 Combat: A Test of Teamwork: Teammates can help or drag you down.


6. Dig Out! – Gold Digger Adventure Game


As through this game, Pick your lep like a tiny hero and be a part of the gold and diamond rush! Dig deep and restore the defense run into the dungeon of a pixel maze to begin your tiny dwarf hunt for treasure chests! Imagine you’ve got a limited amount of lives, the drill or pickaxe is damaged, and the leprechaun is ready to attack. Start your fun run via the underground maze.

Suppose you’re a top maze runner, Your pickaxe in a little dwarf treasure fortress, and look out for the falling boulders and bomber dwarfs. Within the labyrinth, craft objects and attack with an approach. Find out all secrets of tiny gnomes.

Gold Digger Adventure Game is sixth type of Gold Mining Game. Gold or diamond accumulation has never been easy, but any treasure is worth it in the Gold mining game.


  •  Randomly generated infinite fun run maps
  •  Leprechaun traps you’ve by no means seen earlier than
  • Tricky boundaries anywhere within the labyrinth. Whether it’s a boulder sprint or a maze block, or even tap blocks
  •  Exclusive treasure digger equipment to dash even deeper within the gold mine
  •  Choose your pixel miner, man or woman.
  •  Discover lost or hidden treasure, gold, and diamond.


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