Technology Trends 2021:

Many successful companies/organizations have one thing in common that they adopt change in trending technology very quickly. For example, if you don’t invest in learning new skills for your business, you may end up losing your edge. So the Top technology trends 2021, that will help you to chose the right frame of work for your business.

You remember when the world moves to mobile phones from landline phones. Nokia was at the top front of the revolution. You don’t remember Nokia’s top game snake? However, industry goliath when it refused the emerging android and touch screen technology.

To them, touch screen technology was battery drained. Oh man, how wrong were they? They didn’t adapt to this technology trend and now even a decade later, they are struggling to get half of the market share once they own.

To get a better idea, which technology is trending and which should you adapt first to your organization or business. Trending technologies for 2021 are put in number so it’s easy for you to decide which technology you should prefer in 2021 and the coming years.

Here are the top 10 Technology Trends 2021 that will change your life

01. Artificial Intelligence

02. Internet Of Things (IoT)

03. Blockchain technology

04. Robotics Process Automation

05. Intelligent And Smart Spaces

06. 5G Network

07. Augmented Reality (AR)

08. Privacy Enhancing Computation

09. Intelligent Apps

10. Voice Interfaces And Chatbots

1. Artificial Intelligence:

The first technology in trends for 2021 is Artificial intelligence. AI is a technique used for computer systems. The machine with the ability to work with precision and make decisions like humans.

Also, AI is one of the most trending technology.  Artificial intelligence (AI) performing complex tasks like speech recognition, medical diagnosis, and weather forecast when fed into the system.

AI is used in search engines like google, Bing, and Yandex. AI helps in automating the different tasks like making business trends, analyzing the traffic, and driverless cars. Also, Artificial intelligence is used in healthcare to improve the medical field.

Technology Trends in artificial intelligence

In the next decade, AI will be everywhere in all types of machines. It is aspected that AI will create more than 70 million jobs. But the sad fact is that more than 20 million jobs will wipe out. Developers who know AI will earn more than the other developers who don’t know AI.

So, learning AI will secure your job in

  • Data analyst
  • Data scientist
  • Machine learning
  • Business intelligence developer

2. Internet Of Things (IoT):

The internet of Things (IoT) is the network of devices connected may be via the internet. Internet of things is one of the technology trends 2021 to look for.

Moreover, these devices may share their data on their environment and how they are operating. Facebook application is one of them.

Technology Trends in education

The foot counter that you are using to count the step is IoT. Also, the Fitbit that you are using to track the number of calories you burn is IoT. Also, the internet of things (IoT) chip is embedded on the machine, which helps companies to track the performance and help in -improvement.

With these technology trends, more than 41 billion devices are excepted to be powered by IoT by 2025.


3. BlockChain Technology:

Blockchain is a new technology trend that powers electronic currencies or virtual currencies known as cryptocurrencies. Also, Blockchain technology helps us in creating a record of the transaction that can not be altered.

Technology Trends block chain technology

The transaction in blockchain help companies to reduce their price. As they don’t need to pay to a third party. Of course, the Blockchain is very secure, and no need to pay to centralized, as it is decentralized. It’s very easy to track transactions through the blockchain.

A career in blockchain technology as;

  • Blockchain engineer
  • Developer Blockchain
  • Blockchain quality engineer

4. Robotics Processes Automation:

The robotics processes automation RPA is used to reduce the human’s daily load, same as artificial intelligence (AI). RPA technology is used for handling daily business tasks and email replies. According to research, more than 60% of repetitive tasks can be automated with RVP.

But the sad part of this technology is that it will quit many jobs in near future. As soon as when all companies will move towards automation.

Technology Trends in robotics

5. Intelligent And Smart Spaces:

Intelligent and smart spaces technology is linked to IoT. In like manner homes, offices even the whole cities become connected and smart with automation. Smart spaces are also technology trends 2021 which is trending now.

Technology Trends smart space

6. 5G Network:

There are places in the world where 5G is yet to come. But, countries like China and the US already have 5g technology in their networks. The worldwide revenue from 5G networks will cross 6 billion by 2021.

Technology Trends 5g


7. Augmented Reality (AR):

Future technology trends, Next On the list of latest technology trends for 2021 is augmented reality. Additionally, AR is one of the underrated technology could see a revival in the year 2021. Most of the companies around about 32% incorporate AR technology to enhance their product experience in the next 3-5 years. The rise of IoT also will help to boost this market.

Technology Trends augmented relaity AR

8. Privacy Enhancing Computation:

In the next decade or so, 50% of the organization or companies will adopt this technology called privacy enhancing computation. PEC protects data in use while maintaining security or privacy.

Technology Trends in computing

9. Intelligent Apps:

And the list goes on, now on the list are intelligent apps. This technology intelligent apps that use artificial intelligence like deep learning, machine learning, robotics, and natural language processing.

Furthermore, Google and Alexa are examples of intelligent applications. Intelligent apps are also in Technology trends 2021 to follow.

Technology Trends intelligent apps

10. Voice Interfaces And Chatbots:

From now in the future, many of us used to communicate with machines like chatbots simply by writing our queries or by speaking.

In near future, more and more businesses are going to interact with their customers via chatbots. Chatbots are also in technology trends 2021, which you should follow.


You have learned about the technology trends 2021, those you should follow to get more automation in your business and it will help to grow. If you like my effort please leave a comment.



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