Facebook instant articles a brief overview:

Facebook has launched instant articles feature for publishers and creators. By joining this feature of Facebook, you probably able to generate more revenue from Facebook ads. This is a big opportunity for all bloggers and writers in this era of technology as Facebook introduced this instant article back in 2016 and testing it from that time.

As a blogger, you can monetize the same content twice on different platforms? Does it sound good? Isn’t it?

Well, As a blogger, you are producing content regularly for your blog or website that is indexed in google. But what if you use the same content on any other platform and start earning revenue from that content.

Let me tell you, and the revenue is much more than the adds revenue of AdSense. Also, Facebook has less strict instant articles policies.

As early, I mentioned that you could use the same content on your website and in the Facebook instant articles feature of Facebook.

Well, if your blog or website is in WordPress or any other CMS system, then you can easily share your content to Facebook instant articles just in a single click. Facebook has launche the plugin, which automatically fetches your articles from the website and posts it on Facebook.

You will start making money on Facebook instant articles once your content starts viewing and sharing by your audience.


What are Facebook instant articles?

In simple words, when you click on the link of any blog or website on Facebook, it redirects you to your website, and it takes a little time to redirect. In this case of instant articles, when you click a link, it simply opens up in no time.

Facebook instant articles increase the engagement and the share rate on Facebook more than a simple link to your website. Peoples love to share these instant articles on their walls with friends.

Facebook instant articles some points you need to know:

There is some risk for a publisher to start with instant articles is that Facebook claims that the visitor once visited the website doesn’t need to revisit it to read articles or content from a mobile website.

Publishers who embraced Facebook might be putting themselves at the risk of handing their user data and their own data to social media. Social media surely control all data of their website and the users too.

Facebook announced via a blog post that the publisher could sell the ads and get revenue from those ads. Also, it will allow the publisher to track their users by using tools like comescore or others. So the instant article might enable them to deliver fast while controlling their business model.

Facebook instant articles increase engagement and more shares:

On average Facebook, users read or open more than 44% when published on instant articles. This increases the traffic on that particular article and creates engagement, which benefits the publishers and creates more sales and revenue.

Also, instant articles are more likely to share by users on their walls and different groups on Facebook and other social media. It gives a good user experience and increases the visitors by 40% overall.

From the initial experience and stats, it was seen that the engagement had increased dramatically on instant articles on Facebook than the article on a mobile website. Also, read Best 12 IT jobs for the future you should pursue a career.

How to use Facebook instant articles:

Step 01:

The first step Is to sign up on the Facebook instant articles to start with this new feature.

Step 02: Chose the Facebook page you want to publish instant articles.

Once you signup for an instant article, Facebook will ask you which page you want to start with an instant article.

Step 03: Claim your URL

URL is used in a website where you want to use an instant article. Claiming URL means that all content publish from here will be published onto the instant article. You will have to convert manually.

Step 04: Submit your articles:

You have to submit the batch of articles, and the Facebook team will review these articles. After the approval from the Facebook team, you can publish them on social media.

Make instant article easy, and Facebook have developed different tools. You can easily publish or share articles from the content management system. If you use WordPress as CMS, you can easily make it an instant article using instant Facebook articles.

Different CMS has different options to publish instant articles.

  • Publishing from WordPress using this plugin.
  • Publish using RSS if you are not using any CMS.
  • Publish directly fro your CMS using an API

Do Facebook instant articles are much faster than a website?

Delivering content faster Is what Facebook is focusing on. Also, the reason Facebook wants to deliver quickly against the query of the user.

Also, Facebook is the community and doesn’t want its users to let out from Facebook. Have your leverage that content system to deliver content faster than ever?

Are you afraid of giving all of your control to Facebook? Remember that social media is not the final destination for your business.

Inspite of that, instant articles deliver faster to your users more than any other system. But it will serve like other articles share on Facebook.

let me below in the comments if you have any questions about Facebook Instant Articles? So ill write another blog post about that problem.


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