Why Facebook is not working? Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp suddenly go down on the 4th of October 2021. They all are working good time before it’s gone.

Facebook is a social platform where you can connect with friends and family worldwide, while Whatsapp and Instagram are its products or the companies of Facebook.

The reports show that the downtime was about 7 hours, and all facebook’s platforms were affected.

Why Facebook Is Not Working

Everyone is looking for this answer, but couldn’t find any. According to Facebook engineers claim that the problem originated with data networking that interrupted data exchange. So the server was unable to communicate, and all the three platforms of Facebook were interrupted. We bring it back slowly within 7 hours of outage, Facebook said.

Also, users have concerns, and they say like that ‘ why Facebook is not working on android. And why Instagram is down? There must be a problem with their mobile phone, so they can’t access Facebook products. We can see many tweets and memes on Twitter.

In an email, Facebook said that we are sorry for this interception as we understand that there are billions of people and bi=usiness depends on our products all over the world.

Is Data Compromised After The Facebook Outage?

Facebook claim that user data is not shared with any third party. Previously they said that we are aware of this issue, and we are working on it to bring it back to normal.

Not only did Facebook suffer this problem, but in July, some major companies also suffered this problem because of their DNS provider.

When Facebook WhatsApp and Instagram were back live

It took almost 7 hours for Facebook engineers to settle down things and make these platforms live again. During this seven-hour outage time, facebook bears the loss of seven billion us dollars.

And during this time everyone is asking why Facebook is not working? And of course you also ask others and search on google too

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