The artificial intelligence of things or AIoT is a combination of the internet of things and artificial intelligence. AI is used with IoT devices to enhance functionality, empower human machines, and increase the capacity of the internet of things.

To fully understand the AIoT, first, you should know the internet of things when things like sensors, wearable devices, and digital assistance are connected to the internet and able to collect information. The devices connected to the internet of things collect information than you have the internet of things.

After that, you should know about Artificial intelligence to better understand the artificial intelligence of things. AI means that when a system or device collect data and perform or take action on that data.

So the AI added to those devices means collecting data and taking action according to that data, without any command of humans at that time. These devices are known as AIot.

In addition to the above, adding AI with the internet of things increase the efficiency and precession of that particular device and enhances the useability of the AIot devices.


Examples of artificial intelligence of things (AIoT):

The combination of Ai and IoT is powerful and more critical when it comes to advancements in technology.

Also, this combo will increase efficiency, which is essential for many applications and devices. A few such devices or applications are discussed below.

01. Drone traffic monitoring:

Artificial intelligence has many applications right now, but there are many different uses of artificial intelligence of things in the smart city. One of them is a traffic monitoring drone. Drones are deployed into the air to control and monitor the traffic of a large area.

They transmit the data in real-time, and Ai analyses it and decides according to the received data. Artificial Intelligence will choose how the traffic will control, not to face the blockage of traffic.

How much should traffic speed be at a particular track, and how much delay is required to avoid the problems. This decision will be out by AI uses in drones. Also, the timing of traffic lights can be monitor with this AI system.

A product of Alibaba called ET City Brain can detect accidents, illegal parking and even change the traffic signals to help the ambulance reach out to its needs.


02. Autonomous robots:

As the internet of vehicles, autonomous delivery robots are an example of the artificial intelligence of things. Delivery robots have sensors to collect data from the environment and take action accordingly.

Robots collect data by using IoT and transform it into AI than Artificial Intelligence gather information, make the moment of robots according to that data, and decide how to perform.


03. Smart office building:

Another area where the internet of things and artificial intelligence intersects is the smart office building. In this case, intelligent environmental sensors are installed in the construction of offices. These sensors detect and adjust the lighting and temperature to improve energy usage.

Also, the intelligent building can control the entrance of a specific person through facial recognition. The combination of cameras and artificial intelligence can compare the image from the database and check whether that person is allowed to enter or not.

Also, employees didn’t need to have a clock for meetings or don’t need to have mandatory attendance meetings. AIoT will take care of all of that.


04. Small retail environment:

In this small retail environment, the camera system is equipped with a computer and enables facial recognition when they walk through. The AIoT system gathers data about the customer, even their gender, product preference, and many more.

Analyse the data and make recommendations by predicting customer behaviour and making decisions about the store, like product placement and other decisions.

For example, if the cameras detect that customers or shoppers are from some specific location or city. It will push all those products based on demographic priority. Smart cameras can allow customers to skip the checkout, similar to what happens on Amazon.


05. Autonomous vehicle:

The artificial intelligence of things is used to monitor the fleet vehicles to track the vehicle maintenance, unsafe behaviour of the driver, and fuel consumption. Also, these vehicles are examples of the internet of vehicles.

Thanks to artificial intelligence, companies manage the fleet better than before by using this healthy Ai system.

Another way to use the AIoT in the fleet vehicle is by utilising the Tesla autopilot, which uses the readers, GPS, and cameras to gather the data. The rest is done by artificial intelligence.



Things’ artificial intelligence is essential in this era and plays a considerable role in humans’ lives. It is playing a huge role in different fields of life and various industries.

So anyone can’t deny the importance of AIoT. There is a future of artificial intelligence of things. And this will completely change the human living style. This plays a massive role in building a smart city.



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