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Future Of IOT, internet of things


Definition of IoT

Internet of things or IoT refers to the different devices globally; those are connected to the internet and sharing data. In simple terms, the internet of things comprises every device that is connected to the internet.

How is IoT important?

Over the past few years, It becomes the most important technology. As nowadays, every device is connected to the IoT to monitor the baby machine, kitchen appliances, and cars via the internet to make communication possible.

History of the internet of thing (IoT)

In addition to intelligence and sensor to the primary machines or objects, this idea was under discussion since the 1980s. Although there is not much development made in that era, the importance of the internet of things (IoT) is well known. Until the 1990s, the progress was slow because the technology is not ready, and the chip was too big and too bulky, so there is no way to communicate effectively.

Kevin Ashton firstly in 1999, but this technology take decades to catch up with this IoT. The IoT integrates the human culture with information system with the internet.

Initially, the internet of things is known as manufacturing, commonly known as M2M. Still, its mission is to fill our house with smart devices and connected to the internet.

How big the internet of thing is:

Already there are more connected things in the world than humans. An analyst company predicts that there will more than 42 billion IoT devices by 2025. This analysis tells how much the Internet of things will surround us in the coming decade or two. It predicts that there is an opportunity to connected more devices and more wearable devices in the near future.

A report from Samsung claimed that it needs to secure all devices by 2021, just after its manufacture. There is a clear danger running over the game. The report says that more than 12 billion devices are needed to make secure by manufacturing.

We are rapidly moving towards the future in which everything, I mean every device, will be surrounded by IoT, machine learning, and Artificial intelligence. A Chinese firm reports that there are more than 5 million unsecured cameras that need to make secure.

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Future of the IoT internet of things:

When we talk about the internet of things, you can imagine that more than 26 billion devices are connected to the IoT by 2020. And these numbers will increase drastically up to 50 billion next year. So you can guess that what the future of the internet of things is?

You can’t deny the importance of the future of IoT at any cost. In the next few years, almost every device will connect with the internet of things, enhancing the useability and effectiveness of devices up to the mark.

IoT adoption is increasing drastically and will bring a significant change. Here is the list of the units installed in the different industry are below:

In 2020, 3511 automotive units were installed. Also, in the consumer industry, 13,170 units installed in 2020. Even that 5168 units are installed in a generic business. In total, 25,006 units installed in different industries till now. And this number will increase to 50,000 or more.

Privacy concerns of the internet of thing:

There is a security risk with the devices connected to IoT. These devices can be hacked by those related to the internet, from all children’s little toys to the main technology devices.

There is the issue of survival that if someone tracks you when you are having sex by using the smartwatch on your arm, by doing this to stop peoples using these warrior watches also, if these devices connect to the fridge of food consumptions to use this data to help these hungry peoples to help them to eat.

In the future, intelligence companies will use IoT to monitor, identify, and track and gain data against the users. It was claimed in 2016 that the US intelligence CIA is going to use the internet of things for enhancement in their performance.

How the internet of the world IOT changing the world?

The Internet of things is changing the word very quickly, and it creates many technology blasts in the world. It even changing home, cities, and different fields of work. Let’s deep dive into changes made by IoT.

Smart Home:

Home is one the place where you can see every device related to the IoT. The smart city is now not a dream for anyone. Many things at home are making life more comfortable, allowing you to control everything from your smartphones. You can control or adjust the temperature of water from a smartphone using devices like google nest homeowner, and even you are not at home.

With the internet of things, the home kitchen is looking more developed. You can connect all of your appliances to the internet. Even a smart fridge can tell you which product needs more cooling or which is going to spoil.

Also, all devices can connect with wifi or Bluetooth so that you can spend more time in your smart room than in a kitchen. And also you can control it from anywhere else.

Smart city:

Internet of things already integrated the smart city all over the world. Sensors are placing in the traffic signals, so it better gives the time congestion and predictions that it is accurate to wait for.

Smart cars are the one other thing that makes an intelligent city complete. Auto drive cars are the first launch by google. Different companies, like BMW, Audi, and Mercedes, are testing more self-driving cars. Maybe we have to wait for a little to see self-driving cars on the roads, but soon we will see them on the road.


Internet of things is improving different industries and creating different pace in every field. With IoT, we can connect all devices, and everyone can work efficiently using applications with less time spent.

Some companies are using IoT to track the entrance and leave any customer to analyze their business.

These are the few things using IoT and making drastic changes in the world.

How is the internet of things changing your life? Will we connect to every device in the future? Do you think the world is becoming a global village?



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