Internet of vehicle (Iov) intro:

Internet of vehicle (Iov): Technological development is rapidly changing the world, never seen as quick advancement as before. The Internet of vehicles impacts the automobile industry, as, In this era, the technological revolution affects every aspect of life and industry.

Different intelligent apps and devices grow continuously. That is the reason now the internet of things is in every industry. In other words, we can say that the internet of things surrounds us.

Stop for a while and look around you; how many devices are you surrounded? IoT powers those devices. There is a forecast that there will be 46 billion devices connected with the internet of things by 2025.

There are smart homes and smart cities too. Intelligent cities will allow this internet of vehicles to convert into autonomous slowly. But it will not be possible without the advanced system.

There is a rapid growth of using IoT devices, so vehicles’ internet is in demand right now. This vehicle allows transforming information, efficiency, and security using Vehicle Ad Hoc Network (VANETs).

IoT or internet of cars is the evolution of VANET, which refers to vehicles, roads, parking IoT, and smart cities and provides communication in real-time. Sensors, breaks, and GPS are the electronics used for that innovative system.

Internet of vehicle makes cars sensors which collect information from driver, environment and other cars to improve traffic management, pollution and make sure the best and safe travel.

How do IOV works?

As from research, a car has an average of 10 million lines of code. These codes require high techniques to manage and run it smoothly. Internet of vehicles has higher customer satisfaction as they are continuously updating the embedded code. IOV leads the market to generate a higher value in returns.

All these inter connectivities leads to a social network called a vehicle’s social internet (SIoV). In other words, that is the vehicular instance of the social internet of vehicle or SIOV.

In addition to this, IOV or internet of cars monitors and allows the manufacturer to identify the device’s defect. This process minimizes the risks of emergency and unusual happening. It also helps the software developer improve and develop a new and more effective system, bringing a revolutionary change in the industry.

Why the internet of vehicle is essential?

IoT is still an industry of research, which means that many things are still not public. As time proceeds and after more research on this field, it will become safer than ever.

When all challenges faced by its technology, and start transforming the driving experience. Implementing a smart city and its communication with our vehicle with IOT will make it safer than ever in history.

Improved safety:

Research shows that 1.25 million deaths every year by road accidents. These accidents are due to humans mistakes. So with IoT technology, these numbers will reduce drastically. This technology monitors the driving habits, sends recommendations to drivers, and sends notifications of any problem or fault in a vehicle.

Environment friendly:

The Internet of vehicles or internet of cars generally has a lot of information on cities’ roads, which helps us remain green. Singapore is the best example of that technology. They are investing more in this smart and advanced technology to stay green and pollution-free.

User Convenience:

Most significant advantages of internet of thing are that it improves the user experience, and give better results. This technology provides remote car access, doors lock, and tell about the stolen cars or vehicles by using Find My Car. The last one is very much valuable if you parked your car in a vast parking lot. It also helps you in finding a lost vehicle or stolen.

Lifecycle revenue:

I already discussed above that smart vehicle systems can collect data from cars like usage, location, and drivers’ habits every second of this connected vehicle. This whole smart system creates a new revenue stream.

IOV or internet of cars enables a new income stream for manufacturers. They get all data and get to know their customers well, allowing them to offer them according to client situations and positions.

The IOV cars will perform tasks for drivers, such as payment. Also, these cars are enabled to pay for their insurance automatically without human control.

Internet of vehicle a revolutionary technology:

IoV or internet of cars is now most popular on the internet of Things. It is necessary for companies now to adopt this advanced technology to compete in the market.

The internet of vehicles is a revolutionary change in the automotive industry and expects to provide extreme changes.


Internet of things is one of the technologies that will change the revolutionary change in every industry. In the automotive sector, Bring new changes and revolution in driverless cars and smart cities. We will see more changes and advancements from this technology called the internet of things shortly.


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