LinkedIn Freelance Marketplace

Linkedin is among the top social media platforms right now. If I say only professional social media platforms for job seekers, so it is not wrong. Linkedin is a professional website where you find everyone from a different field or people with expertise in various niches.

Before this, it was a social media platform, but now they have decided to roll out the LinkedIn freelance marketplace. Now you can join them and start offering services to clients all over the world.


What Differences LinkedIn Freelance Marketplace Will Have?

Some changes or differences you will see on the LinkedIn freelancer marketplace that make it unique from other platforms are as follows.

1. They will have a good collaboration plan. In this, any freelancer and collaborate with another one. If anyone has more projects and wants to outsource that project, then the freelancer can outsource to another service provider.

2. You can offer your services by representing your work. They also enable the listing of services.

3. The third benefit of the Linkedin freelance marketplace is that too g=high fees you pay to different marketplaces.

4. Here, you are directly in touch with your client and start working and getting paid.

When does LinkedIn Freelancer Marketplace Will launch?

As per the press release, it is expected that the LinkedIn freelance marketplace will roll out on the last week of September or the first week of October. But once it launches, there will be a more clear picture.

LinkedIn will be on top of its marketplace because it already has many users on its social media. So this market has enormous potential for customers.

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How To Join LinkedIn Freelance Marketplace As Early Bird?

You can join LinkedIn Marketplace as an early bird by joining this LSI Service Provider Group. After requesting joining, the admin will approve your request within 6 to 8 hours.

After approval, you will get a tab on your profile. It will not make visible on the home screen. You need to go to your profile and click on the Open To button on the top right side, and you are in.

There you see the tabs for finding new jobs, Providing services, and Hiring. As a freelancer, you can use both tabs as it’s about freelancers. The third tab is for those who need freelancers.

After opening the tab, you need to give more details about you and your services, the country, and many others as other platforms require you to.

After the Launch of the LinkedIn freelancer marketplace, you will start getting jobs. One thing you need to know while creating a profile, remember to make it carefully so you can top the search result against your niche query.

The best thing, as mention above, is that you will cut off the high fee you are paying to different marketplaces. That fee will probably zero in the LinkedIn freelance marketplace.


LinkedIn Freelance marketplace will be among the top freelance marketplaces shortly. So ever one must try it out to showcase their skills and earn some good as an early bird.



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