What Is Pull Marketing Strategy

Pull marketing strategy is also known as Pull promotional strategy, A strategy in which a company or firm aims to increase the demand for their product and then pull those consumers to the product.

Pull marketing revolves around a product and its customer. Pull Strategy can be used in conjunction with push marketing or separately. The main goal of pull marketing is to make consumers seek a product and the whole seller to stock that product directly for the customer.

The engaging tactics may create loyal customers who not only purchase the products but also refer to others. Pull strategies are used to increase the demand for a product already in demand and create good revenue.

Types Of Pull Marketing Strategies and Examples

There are different kinds of Pull Marketing Strategies teams uses to create interest in customer are as follow;

  • Content Advertising
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Pay Per Click Advertising

What are the 7 types of marketing strategy?

01. Content Advertising

Creating answers to customers’ needs is an important part of Pull marketing, as needs and wants make the customer purchase the product. Content marketing specifically focuses on customer needs. For example, a Car manufacturing company launches new models of cars at the start of every year.

02. Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization refers to companies using web pages to rank higher in google and other search engines to get sales from the internet. Adjusting the top-level questions to the web page gives answers to customers and gives them their needs and products.

For example, a company with home appliances can rank higher on search engines with keywords related to home and kitchen, so users’ trust builds, which increases sales. SEO is the main type of pull marketing strategy.

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03. Social Media Marketing

Social Media is important for pull marketing as almost every social media has functionality that you can target a specific niche on that platform. They allow to the addition of relevant Hashtags to the content. So the user can reach out to your content using those hashtags.

For example, a clothing brand posting on social media uses hashtags like Newcloths or ladies’ clothes or latest cloth collection, so someone searching for relevant product land on that content and gets desired information and product from there.

04. pay Per Click Advertising

Pay per Click, also known as PPC advertising, is the fourth type of pull marketing strategy in which ads are shown on social media and search engines related to the person’s search query. Also, some factors like their demographic, interest and age also measured to show that person adds.

PPC is a little bit expensive but is very much valuable and effective in the case of targeted marketing.

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Advantages Of Pull Marketing Strategy

  • Able to build strong relationships with customers and build customer trust
  • Focus on creating brand equity and product value
  • Easily bargaining with customers and retailers
  • It can be used for testing products and easily getting the customer feedback

Disadvantages Of Pull Marketing Strategy

  • It mostly works when a brand has high loyalty
  • requires creating high demand in the market, which is a little bit tough
  • Lead time is a little high, as the customer is making comparisons before the purchase



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