The rise of devices that connects our body to the web is increasing rapidly. The Internet Of the bodies could revolutionize our lives, and health can be hazardous without the appropriate guardians.

The Global internet of the things market in healthcare is projected to grow to 450 billion by 2028. Integrating IoT technologies and innovations in medical care results in effective healthcare solutions and care. Some of these inventions are of the Internet of the bodies.


What Are The Internet Of The Bodies

Internet-connected devices like smartwatches, web-connected refrigerators, and voice assistants are found everywhere in everyone’s home. These technologies are part of the Internet of things (IoT) are flourished in recent years and flock the smart devices for more efficiency and convenience.

Internet of the bodies IoB falls under the Internet of the things umbrella, but like the name, IoB reveals more reference to human beings and electronics devices and gadgets. IoB devices monitor the body, collect the data, and transfer that data over the Internet. Such devices are already in use, such as fitness trackers, etc.

But despite its revolution to bring new changes and advanced technology in health care, these IoB can jeopardize our essential personal information. No one knows who is collecting this information, who owns it, or whom to sell it out.

Types of technology

 IoB Privacy Risks

IoB devices are already in use, and those are in development can store information and store what one is doing, body functions, and what they see, hear and even think. There is no regulation on data brokers where and whom they are selling data, even in any state of the USA.

Cardiac Devices

New cardia devices provide real-time data and information of the patient. These devices can also regulate the patient’s heartbeat, which is very slow or fast. These devices are helping to improve the patient’s condition and in cardiac treatments.

These devices are planted into the patient’s chest with wires while all data is transferred to the physician through a transmitter in the patient’s home. The setback of these devices connected to the Internet is that they can be hacked, and the data can be sold out to third parties.


IoB Security Risks

Internet of the bodies devices has some security flaws as they store data in the cloud. These devices can allow third parties to get data or log out the user out of the devices. In planted medical devices, hackers can manipulate the data to cause injuries or even death.

Examples Of IoB Products

For a more and better understanding of the internet of the bodies, I have divided the IoB products into two categories: consumer devices and medical devices.

Consumers IoB Devices

1 Connected Solution

  • Voice Controlled Devices
  • Hearing Devices
  • Security Cameras
  • Remote Monitoring System
  • Automatic Pills Dispenser

2. Fitness Devices

  • Wearable Activity Tracker
  • Fitness mirror
  • Connected Fabrics

3. Baby Tech Solution

  • Intelligent Baby Maker
  • Connected Body Temperature Thermometer
  • Floor Training tools

Medical IoB Devices

  • Biometric devices for staff attendance
  • Hospitals beds connected with monitoring
  • Stationary medication dispenser
  • IoT based Limbs system
  • Digital Pills
  • Medication intake monitoring



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