What comes to your mind first when you hear the word Biotechnology? You also start thinking about what is biotechnology and what are the 4 types of biotechnology. Maybe gene therapy or genetically modified organism, then yes, you are right.

Also, crop breeding, beer brewing, anti penicillin, and many of which have been around for more than a thousand years now, are examples of biotechnology.

In this article, we will first see the definition of biotechnology and then examine the 4 different types of biotechnology. And then, we will learn in detail about the types and examples of biotechnology.

What Is BioTechnology

biotechnology is the use of components of an organism or other biological parts to make a product for any other specific use that developed very quickly as changes in another organism DNA add them

Biotechnology is used to form new products used to treat or produce different effects in daily life. Actually, in biotechnology, living organisms are used to make various products used in multiple industrial tasks.

What Are The 4 Types Of BioTechnology

The main four types of biotechnology are

01. Medical Biotechnology (Red)

02. Industrial Biotechnology (White)

03. Environmental Biotechnology (Green)

04. Marine Biotechnology ( Blue)

Let’s look at each of the types mentioned above, what specific kind of biotechnology is focusing on, and in which field it is working.

01. Medical Biotechnology (Red)

As from name, medical biotechnology is related to human life and the medical of humans; it enhances human health and uses it to produce different medicine, genes, and vaccines. It is basically to improve human health.

Red biotechnology can help figure out the dosage of patients more towards the formation of drugs and, more specifically, treat patients based on their genetic code. This will change the future of medicine and ensure the doctors uniquely treat a patient.

Red biotechnology is a field of research that uses the biological process, diagnostic method and treatment in the conventional and non-conventional form to detect the diseases and their treatments.

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02. Industrial Biotechnology (White)

White Industrial biotechnology is the primary and vast type of biotechnology that affects the textile, energy and food sectors. The focus of White biotechnology is using the technology to create a new process with less energy and natural resources than conventional methods.

The application of industrial biotechnology is how we manufacture the product and make the products that we do not imagine in the near past because the industrial biotechn\ology was new and unknown to policymakers, so they don’t understand the benefits of industrial biotechnology.

03. Environmental Biotechnology (Green)

Green biotechnology includes environmental and agriculture biotechnology. Green biotechnology is used in agriculture to produce crops more effectively and primarily concentrate on reducing the use of chemicals by farmers. It is one of the important types of biotechnology.

Agriculture biotechnology includes in different fields to improve such as

  • Using plants to remove the other toxic and dangerous metals from the environment.
  • They are using bacteria to increase the plant’s growth and crops.
  • Using the breeding technology in animals and is known as animal biotechnology
  • Using genetic manipulation to help plants to survive in different weather conditions.

Bacteria, fungal and different microbes are used to clean the environment. some of the tasks the environmental biotechnology performs are such as

  •  Biogas is formed by converting waste with biotechnology techniques.
  • Converting plants into biofuels
  • Finding different ways to make industrial processes neat and cleaner.

04. Marine Biotechnology ( Blue)

Blue biotechnology is considered the fourth types of biotechnology. It is related to the study of marine and especially sea animals. These marines are used for making medicine and also as food supplements to enhance human health.

Blue biotechnology makes use of marine for various tasks. It is also used as a painkiller. The idea of marine biotechnology is to create alternative sources of energy. Biofuel can be produced or manufactured without competing with other plants.

The industrial sector is benefiting greatly from this blue biotechnology. Protein, enzymes, biomaterials and biopolymer are produced in large quantities from submarines.

The above discussed top 4 types of biotechnology are most important, and we focus on these too. But there are other types as well which are known by colour names like grey, yellow, brown, violet and gold technology.

These colour types of biotechnology are created or founded as results of inves=ntion and research in different fields of biotechnology.




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