WhatsApp privacy policy updates overview:  Whatsapp has updated its privacy policy recently, 8 January, and will be implemented from February 2021. Whatsapp names it as February update.

There are some concerns about this policy, and some users are so panic about this policy update. Many users didn’t even read the new policy and click it as agree with new terms and conditions.

The real concern about privacy policy is that now WhatsApp will share users’ data with Facebook as you may already know that Whatsapp is a Facebook-owned company. Facebook repurchased this company in 2014.


New Whatsapp privacy policy updates February:

There are some new policy terms that Whatsapp updates and going to implement from February 2021. In these current situations, users are very conscious of this new update.

Even The users are from years using Whatsapp. They need to agree on these new terms and conditions to continue the services of WhatsApp. They need to decide on this new policy by Feb 8, 2021, to continue WhatsApp’s services.

Here are some new WhatsApp privacy policy update and user concern:

Whatsapp will now collect your phone model, battery status, payment and transactions, status update, and group details. It will also collect profile pictures, about info, OS, IP address, time zone, and signal strength.

Whatsapp’s new privacy update and user concerns are at their peak. Users are panic about this recent change worldwide, especially in Asian countries.

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Whatsapp privacy policy update and its replacement:

Here I will discuss some of the top replacements of WhatsApp that users should try. Telegram is one of the best applications right now as it is not much popular among the peoples before this. It is now gaining more and more downloads and users, right after this new Whatsapp privacy policy and user concerns.

Telegram is the best replacement for WhatsApp for now. Before it, telegram only uses by professionals and business-related peoples.

Some benefits of the telegram:

After the Whatsapp privacy policy update, you can switch it. Telegram is offering groups the same as WhatsApp, but these groups are not limited. You can add hundreds of members in a single group.

Also, that telegram offers the channels right in their app. You can make your channel if you have a large audience to provide the information from a single source.

In addition to this, telegram also offers a secret chat option. By using that, your messages will disappear after the period you select. For example, it could be 5s, 10s, or more.

Telegram also offers the folders in their app. In these folders, you can save your data just like you do on mobile phones.

Before 2020, telegram is not allowed in Pakistan. Later it starts services in Pakistan too.

Should I quit using WhatsApp?

The answer is no. Peoples have a concern about this WhatsApp privacy policy update. let me one thing clear that Whatsapp will not share your personal chat with someone or even with Facebook. They will not public your chat groups and other data.

This new update means that Whatsapp will share data for business purposes. Also, I’m not sure but maybe ZUk is planning to runs ads on Whatsapp. This data will help Whatsapp artificial intelligence to make these ads more effective by showing relevant ads to the user who has an interest in it.

Whatsapp has released a press release today that their user data is protected and there are some rumors about privacy policy. So you don’t need to panic about this WhatsApp privacy policy update. Just enjoy Whatsapp and chat with friends.

Trust me, Facebook or Whatsapp officials don’t have enough time to read or public their users’ chats or read out it. So have fun with Whatsapp.



You can use WhatsApp as you are using earlier after this WhatsApp privacy policy update and user concerns. But never share your payment details on WhatsApp.

Also, you can switch to telegram and enjoy the features of it. You will feel comfortable while using telegram.

You must read terms and conditions and then go on start using it. I’m using telegram for more than five years now. I’m quite satisfied with it.





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