Technology in sports is one of the top advancements you will see in every match. Can you imagine your life without technology? Yes, the answer is no. Even if you are okay without transport, medicines, even the internet, but it sounds no. Now think about the relation between sports and technology. Maybe you never notice how technology use in cricket, football, and many other sports. But it is all around the sports industry.

The live streams you watch from your mobile phones, watch TV from your bedroom, chip to monitor heartbeats of players, sports analytics, and last but not least, fantasy leagues apps-all are the form of technology and science advancement. Technology is around us.

Technology has changed sports. There was a time when you only listened to the matches’ commentary on the radio, but technology evolved, and now you also watch live games while listing to analysis.

Similarly, another example is in the early days of sports, especially cricket. Players only have a thin layer of plastic in their head to protect, but now live in the world use molded polycarbonate shell. This shell can defray the impact of smashing your head into a wall at 20 mph.

Technology in sports is never left behind; technology always plays a vital role in every field of life. Areas like education, improving society living standards, transportation, health, and businesses. Here are some technologies that change sports tech and make them more exciting for viewers worldwide.


01. HANS Device:

The majority of technology in sports revolve around safety. The HANS (head and neck safety) is a famous sports technology use in car sports. Mostly all drivers nowadays adopt this sports technology to saving their lives in events of a tragic crash.

  • HANS is a U-shaped device placed behind the nick, and its two arms placed over the chest muscles.

  • HANS is connected to the helmet by two anchors on each side of the shoulder

  • The HANS device keeps head straight and during crush and keeps from whipping forward and backward.

02. Hawk-eye Technology:

Hawkeye sports technology uses five to six high eye cameras above the field of play. It is most commonly used in tennis, rugby, and football to analyze the trajectory and flight if the object is used in that particular sport.

Hawkeye is one of the advanced technology in sports.
Some benefits of hawkeye are

  • Hawk’s eye reduces the criticism of players and spectators to the raffle about the decision.

  • This technology helps to make a non-controversial decision, especially in cricket and football.

  • Umpire can make correct decisions by analyzing the direction of the ball during the match without disturbing it.

03. Video Technology:

Everything is live now; technology never left benefits. Today’s time matches are not only live on your tv but on smartphones too. Nowadays, you are not far away from living access and can’t deny technology in sports.

More video technologies like pitch tracker, HD tv sets, and DVRs have changed the watching experience dramatically in the future. Video assistant referees to make the right decision in real-time.

04. Ingestible thermometer pills:

If you are an athlete, you need to supervise your organs, body temperature, and hear the beat rate. Some trainers use ingestible drugs. It helps to minimize death from exhaustion, which is common in every athlete.

05. Wearable computers:

Another advancement in technology and science is wearable computers. Which allows the real-time tracking of an athlete’s health. Since the incident of dehydration, heart attacks decreases.

Wearable computers make a difference in many athletes’ lives by supervising the pulse rate, heartbeat, and temperature through its wireless health monitoring system.

06. RFID Chips:

RFID chips are in the event as time consistent. The RFID chips are mostly used for the long-distance race to help the advertiser track player tracking and the location. RFID chips are the latest technology in sports.

Here is two types of chips active and passive chip. Active chip has an inbuilt battery and can determine the exact time to participants crosses a specific line. Passive chips can only use as sensors placed because they do not have to build a power source.

07. instant reply:

The instant response is one of the remarkable technology in sports. With technology, game officials can see what exactly happened and provide another perspective. The instant answer use in sports events like FIFA, cricket, rugby, hockey, and cricket.


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